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PhD defense – Aurelien Citrain

Aurelien Citrain defended his PhD thesis entitled: Hybrid finite element methods for seismic wave simulation: coupling of Discontinuous Galerkin and Spectral Element discretizations To solve wave equations in heterogeneous media with finite elements with a reasonable numerical cost, we couple the Discontinuous Galerkin method (DGm) with Spectral Elements method (SEm). We use hybrid meshes composed …

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PhD defense – Elvira Shishenina

Elvira Shishenina defended his PhD thesis entitled: Space-Time Discretization of Elasto-Acoustic Wave Equation in Polynomial Trefftz-DG Bases Discontinuous Finite Element Methods (DG FEM) have proven flexibility and accuracy for solving wave problems in complex media. However, they require a large number of degrees of freedom, which increases the corresponding computational cost compared with that of …

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PhD defense – Florian Faucher

Florian Faucher defended his PhD thesis entitled: Contributions to Seismic Full Waveform Inversion for Time Harmonic Wave Equations: Stability Estimates, Convergence Analysis, Numerical Experiments involving Large Scale Optimization Algorithms In this project, we investigate the recovery of subsurface Earth parameters. We consider the seismic imaging as a large scale iterative minimization problem, and deploy the …

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